Sweet and Savory

Central European Palacinke are thin pancakes similar to the French crêpe. Palacinke are made by creating a runny dough from eggs, wheat flour, milk, and salt and frying it in a pan with butter or oil. Unlike thicker types of pancakes, palacinke are usually served with different types of fillings and eaten for lunch or dinner.

Inside the our Social Hall you can also find a variety of sweets including:

Krofne – Serbian Doughnuts

Strudel – With Apple Filling

Traditional Sweets – A Variety of Homemade Serbian Cookies and Cakes


Traditional Meals

Ćevapi (Cyrillic: ћевапи) or ćevapčići is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of kebab, found traditionally in the countries of southeastern Europe (the Balkans). They are served with bread, and coleslaw.

Inside the hall we will also be serving:
Chicken Entrée: Half Roasted Chicken
Sarma Entrée (Stuffed Cabbage): 2 Sarmas
Lamb Shank Entrée
Stuffed Pepper Entrée: 1 Pepper (Limited Quantity)

All entrées served with bread and 2 sides (Coleslaw and Potatoes)